Benefits of Carageen Moss/Irish Seamoss

We are living in a time of great challenge ... and also one of awakening in that we are working hard to restore life and well being ...

Pre – Covid19 we lived in a world filled with an abundance of freedom and of products, and for the majority of us, it probably never occurred that we would ever live in any other way. So many of us are looking for ways, in these challenging times, to remain as mentally and physically healthy as possible and this of course means something different for everyone.. It might be gardening and getting our hands into the soil … in a time of such uncertainty the appeal of something so grounding and nurturing is apparent ... and I am quite certain that no retail unit selling fire pits , stone pits or indeed anything that could aid in brightening up the long evenings of lockdown , could ever of predicted the , down the street , mask and glove wearing , social distancing queues ( that 99 percent of us stood in at some point or another ) for random outdoor purchases , garden gnomes and all ! and such has become the new normal that we live in ….
With the return of schools looming and the pandemics erratic status remaining high in the headlines, the big question and worry in all our minds, is how to help protect ours, and our loved ones well – being in this frightening time, against something so unknown ...what can we do for ourselves (in addition to adhering to all government guidelines, I say this is a given ) , whether it’s something big or small, we want to hear about it !
Nature’s powerful yet fragile balance is something that we need to respect. This year especially has made that clear .. Here at Connemara Organic Seaweed Company we believe in the healing properties of natural products ... the importance of sustainability and of caring for the environment....

In the previous months Carageen Moss ( little rock in Gaelic) , Irish Seamoss or Chondrus Crispus in Latin, has soared in popularity due to its renowned properties to aid sore throats , colds, flu and chest infections, what marvellous luck that it that it grows right here on our rugged coastlines of the Wild Atlantic Way ... allowing us to hand harvest and produce sustainable, organic, vegan & vegetarian friendly , gluten and sugar free seaweed ( bragging never ! )

A delicacy in our native Ireland , it had already gained popularity, not just as a healthy emulsifying option to thicken foods( or even toothpastes )but appearing as dessert, in pretty dishes, at lovely restaurants, delicately wobbling and decorated with gentrified fruit such as gooseberries ... Living on the west coast of Ireland ,I myself, don’t tire of hearing the locals reminiscing in the ways their families presented and made this smooth gel like local pudding to them as a child ... each person tends to have a small twist ( often I’m told about the relevance of the manner in the simmering of the milk , and recently the helpful hint that its delicious to add vanilla pod seeds ) , and always an anecdote told with a far off smile or look that we tend to have when we think of something special..
and Isn’t there something so special about a tradition and a recipe handed down through generations? It is prized for its light and almost spicy kick in its flavour making it a big hit with chefs ,today it is used commonly by them and restaurants in the local food movement as one of Irelands many distinctive and traditional delicacies ( yes, that’s right, for the ones with raised eyebrows .. not only do we have great music and scenery here , we have great and many traditional dishes in
our culture , .... along with the rain of course! but hey we find it to be character building ... ) , ..

Above all Carageen Moss is prized by Irish people for its solid health qualities and a traditional food used during illness for generations ...

We are going to add our own little twist now and show you a recipe for this delightful dessert that’s delicious and healthy …. adding chocolate for a little luxury ... what’s not to love .... ( it also works
well with lemon or citrus…..and of course don’t forget to try it with the vanilla pods ) Chocolate Carageen Mouse

Give it a go ....don’t forget the pretty dish .... and maybe a gooseberry or two 
Another recipe worth checking out is our carrageen moss chest and cough tonic .... Carageen Chest & Cough tonic. Once you make this up it keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days , take a spoonful a day as a preventative or during illness it can be taken up to 4 times daily ... This is one of those comforting and wholesome remedies that, when feeling unwell, a cup of this in your hand and its warmth in your throat is hard to beat... Carrageen has a high mineral content. It is said to make up 15 of 18 mineral elements that we have in our bodies ( that’s an impressive 83%.) but don’t just take it from us, check out the link at the end of the paragraph ,it’s worth a read , explaining how carrageen can help boost immunity so effectively.

Under the threat of living with this new virus it is also easy to see why Carrageen is in such high demand, and why it’s so discussed and respected among the various medical, health and science communities as Carrageen ( and all seaweeds for that matter ) contain high anti- viral properties that have been found to help fight and fend off disease , infection and illness. It’s not a terribly common known knowledge, but it’s a somewhat magical element, that when Carrageen is completely submerged in seawater, in the wild , under the sea and in the mysterious rock pools ... it gets lit up by iridescence that appears as beautiful violet blue light .. Harry Potter like as it may sound , it seems to me, to be a visual reminder or a metaphor one might say of the
power of this plant ....

Seaweeds have been described as ‘ the most nutritious form of vegetation on this plant’ ,possibly one of the oldest… arguably the most bounteous ... at the edge of nature , where land and sea meet we find the greatest biodiversity... in a world where everything is always changing ... It is comforting to know we can offer you something organic and healthy …. ancient and natural …. then
reviving and wholesome all at once … Maybe ….it’s not time to let the old ways die …. but for them to thrive…