Knottedwrack / Ascophylium

Ascophylium Nodsum or Knottedwrack is found in the middle shore from Spring to Autumn. It has a wide range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements which increases growth…. we often eat it unknown to ourselves through our fruit and vegetable intake as its used commonly as a fertiliser and to feed animals as it is thought to cause greater production and quality, such as milk in cows, yolks in eggs, wool in sheep … it is one of the seaweeds that has been found to be an anticoagulant which means it can help  prevent the formation of blood clots so would be a natural aid in prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

It has a strong taste and is a natural flavour enhancer containing natural glutamates.It makes a great addition to cuisine such as paella, fish cakes, homous or soups.