Sea lettuce / Ulua Lactuca

Ulua Lactuca or Sea Lettuce is found in shallow waters and on exposed rocks. It has a strong and sea salty tang… one of the best things about it is its colour, it’s a lovely light to emerald green so it can be used to flavour a butter or a Melange to add to taste and appearance. It is often eaten raw due to it being a very rich source of iron which increases our energy levels, so great in a salad. Also a high source of protein which can benefit metabolic health. Lovely in an omelette or added to breads due to its vibrant flavour. It provides high levels of vitamin b12 and the level of calcium it supplies is far superior to cheese which makes it a great option for vegans, as Calcium builds and maintains strong bones, as well as your heart muscles and nerves needing it to function properly.